Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mini quiche with asparagus

With asparagus in season right now you should try this super easy recipe. I have made mini ones but for a larger tart you will only need to adjust the quantities (roughly times 3-4) and bake longer.


Shortcrust dough (home-made or store bought)
1 bunch apsaragus
1 egg
1 small tub yogurt
handful of grated cheese
1 twig fresh thyme
salt and pepper

Blanche the asparagus to be still al dente and keep heads aside for later. cut the ends in small rings. Blind bake the dough in your pastry shells and set aside to cool down slightly. Whisk the egg and mix with yogurt, the spices and the asparagus rings. Fill the shells with the mixture and add the asparagus heads and bake until golden brown.

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