Monday, 13 June 2011


Mui Ne is a popular beach town on the southeastern coast of Vietnam that is famous for the red and white sand dunes just out of town. The fishing harbour supplies the town and resort restaurants with fresh fish and seafood. Please note that the woven round basket is a traditional boat as well.

The other big industry in town apart from tourism is fish sauce. You will smell it before you see it, slightly pungent and salty as the sea. The fish will be fermenting in these pots for about a year until it's ready to be bottled.

Vietnamese rice vermicelly bun are the staple of many great Vietnamese dishes.

Vietnamese ice tea can be just green tea or flavoured with jasmine. You usually get a chaser when you order coffee. Maybe not quite as big a glass though. And not always served with an iceberg.

The local bakery. The baguettes for banh mi are so crusty it can't be much better in France.

Com tam is "broken rice" with grilled pork (hiding under the fried egg is a rib) served with various greens and pickled vegetables, fried egg and sweet fish.

At night the stalls on the bach come alive and present their fresh seafood ready to be put on the barbeque. Just have your pick from the baskets and aquariums and it'll be sizling away for you.

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