Sunday, 26 February 2012

Winter snow

Three weeks ago we were hit by a cold snap that brought the first snow for this year. I have almost forgotten how much I like the different appearance of the seasons. When the city is covered with a blanket of white fluffy snow like icing sugar on a cake it suddenly gets very quiet. It makes everything more beautiful too. This year I have been reminded by my new colleague from New Zealand that I should not take it for granted. This first snow this year was her first snow ever. So I will remember the fascination from when we were kids. Going out to build a snowman, go sledging and throwing snowballs at each other. The laughter, the ice cold and blue frozen hands, damp socks, runny noses, the sound when you walk on it and the taste of snow.

These photos were taken in Niagara Falls, Canada and it is such a magical place in Winter when the moisture in the air freezes over on the lamp posts and trees to create fantastical shapes.

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