Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gingerbread ice cream

This recipe is based on one I have seen in Nigella's new cook show 'Nigellissima' and couldn't resist trying it myself. It sounded far too easy to be any good as it doesn't involve churning and I could keep the ice cream machine in the back of the cupboard for some time longer. It hardly involves prep time either and is ready after 6 hours of freezing so you can whip it up right before a dinner party if needed. You don't need to remember to defrost it before serving either as the alcohol in the recipe prevents it from becoming solid.
I have given it my own spin and changed the flavour to a Christmas version with spices and rum and a different texture by adding biscuits, similar to cookie dough ice cream.

300ml double cream 
175g condensed milk 
4 tbsp rum or spiced rum 
1 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp ginger 
1 tsp all spice 
pinch of nutmeg 
gingerbread biscuits
Mix the cream, condensed milk, rum and spices together and whisk with a blender until soft peaks form. Mix some of the ice cream with crushed biscuits. Fill your moulds or a container with the plain ice cream until 3/4 full and top up with the version with the biscuit pieces. Freeze until serving.

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trái cây sạch said...

Oh that looks good. Definetly i'm gonna try this