Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year canapés

So this is probably one of the more unusual posts as this should be a vegetarian blog, well, not intentionally but as I happen to be a vegetarian it kind of worked out to be one. Anyway, I still post these images as it´s more about the presentation than the food (so no recipe...). You could do this with any kind of food really: cheese sticks or chocolate truffles for example. We made the little flag cocktail sticks with some gold and silver paper with interesting prints or textures and some tooth picks. Very simple and cute.

To go with the theme of gold and silver we made some mini bunting flags with the same paper.

For drinks we infused more vodka (same recipe as in the spiced pear and apple martini) but used vanilla pods instead of cinnamon and cloves. Leave in for about 4 day. Then mix with cranberry juice and rose water and serve in tumblers on ice or in coups with a sugar rim would be great, too.

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