Thursday, 7 April 2011

INDIA: Delhi

I thought I'd start the travel blog with the bare necessities and what could be more essential to life than water. In Delhi you can buy yours from a refridgerated trolly and it will be served to you in a glass with whole lemons (just to flavour the water) and maybe a piece of charcoal. Charcoal removes chlorines, odors, colours and any cloudiness. Please be aware this is just chilled tap water so unless you are a resident this may not be advised for travellers and may cause a 'Delhi-belly'...

There are lots more of these trollies and stalls that we will expore and post about in the next couple of weeks.

Another thing you notice are the street vendors. This one here is selling papadum, also known as papad in Northern India, and a great snack on the go.

Is it just me or does the middle piece resemble the Indian subcontinent?

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