Saturday, 16 April 2011

INDIA: Jodhpur

Jodhpur is known as the blue city due to the blue-painted houses around the old town.

There are some great local specialities to try and saffron lassi is one of them. Another one is Makhaniya lassi. It's simply a lassi with some butter to make it creamy, almost like a milk shake. Other variations are lassi with cardamom, dried fruits or any sort of fresh fruit like banana or papaya.
Also refreshing in the heat is sugar cane juice. This one here was squeezed with a lime to balance the natural sweetness. Delicious. See the machine? It's hard work to extract the juice so usually they are powerd by a generator.

Indians eat their dinner fairly late so to bridge the gap or if they just feel peckish they might have some of these: Wada or vadai is a savoury fritter-type snack. A bit like a donut. But Indian style with a hint of cumin.

Another great snack are these deep fried Thenkuzhal (made from gram and rice flour with black sesame seeds) formed into a spiral or Murukku ribbons (with some cheese added) and fried. It usually comes with fried chilies. Great with an ice cold beer.

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