Monday, 11 April 2011

INDIA: Udaipur

Udaipur is considered the most romantic city in Rajasthan, if not even in India. "Everybody will promise you the most romantic hotel, restaurant or view but you can't buy any of that. It has to come from the heart!" Well spoken Chill (real name Filuz), our tuk tuk driver.

Udaipur is also known for it's appearance in the 1982 James Bond film 'Octopussy'. For in case you have forgotten you will be reminded every night with screenings at most restaurants over dinner.

With the summer approaching fast the days are getting hotter and nothing is more refreshing than a cold lemon soda. All you need to do is mix it yourself.

We took a cooking class with Sushma in her kitchen and learnt how to make three different kinds of curries, chappatis and proper chai. And the best was we got to eat it all afterwards.

Meet: Rakesh. He is a miniature painter specializing in the Rajput-Mughal style that Udaipur is famous for. The smaller and more intricate, the more expensive his work is. So does size matter? Rakesh will definately say yes!

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