Tuesday, 19 April 2011

INDIA: Jaisalmer

We left Jodhpur for Jaisalmer and had Indian style breakfast/lunch on the train: masala chai and aloo pakoda

Jaisalmer has a beautiful sandstone fort but the main reason to come here is for a camel safari through the desert. It is much more hot here and very dry and dusty so it shouldn't come like a surprise that we had a sandstorm. What was a surprise though was that it was followed by rain. The first rain in this area since October but the monsoon is still a long way off.

We left early in the morning when it was still bearable and met our camel guides. It's very quiet in the desert. All you hear is the rhythmic ringing of the bells around the camel's necks.

We had lunch in the shade under a thorn tree and Malou, one of our guides started making some fresh chapattis on an open fire to go with the aloo ghobi and some Chinese style noodles (thinking we might be more accustomed to than Indian food).

The camels had lunch too. Though they look a bit more like giraffes then, no?

For dinner we had some pakoras followed by a dhal with rice and more chapattis. All washed down with some warmish beer watching the sunset and relaxing our aching bones.

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