Monday, 30 May 2011


We found some interesting things at the market today. First some fruit like pomelo slices and white grapes in a sweet and salty chili sauce. Later some deep fried and crunchy crickets. Sometimes sold alongside snails or black olives.

A Cambodian meal will usually include a soup served alongside the main courses. This one is beef with vegetables and rice noodles.

Nom kachay are chive rice cakes served with a milder chili sauce and a hot and fiery one.

This dish is called Kralan in Khmer. It's sticky rice with coconut milk and beans, packed inside bamboo tubes and roasted over a fire.

More sweet sticky rice. Wrapped in a banana leaf with a banana in the center and then grilled. The banana gets super sweet and delicious. Or you can just grill the bananas. On a stick. Nice too.

This is my local bakery. Notice it's also the local gas station. Not an unusual mix here in Cambodia.

Gas station and ice cold drinks. Don't mix them up though. Cold drinks are in the red cool box.

Gas station and cigarettes. Interesting combination. Can you see the 'no smoking' sign anywhere? No? Well, maybe there just wasn't one.

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