Friday, 6 May 2011

MALAYSIA: Batu Caves

Sate ikan are mini grilled fish balls on sticks dipped in sweet chili sauce. There is something about food on sticks, right? Practical and will always remind me of the fun fair with candy floss, candy apples, lolly pops and kids birthday parties with ice cream on sticks. Good times.

And while I mention kids birthday parties this dessert wouldn't be out of place there: pandan bun with scoops of technicolour ice cream. It's soft, cold, sweet, what more do you want?

Whenever you see a sweet in a bright green colour it's likey to be made with pandan, my new favourite flavour. Wish I could find the 'London roll' in London.

Kaya is the other flavour I become to love in Malaysia. It's a spread made from coconut, eggs, pandan and palm sugar. it's great on toast, waffles, cakes or in steamed pao. Sugar is just so addictive...

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