Saturday, 14 May 2011


The area in Bangkok around Kao San Road is a Mekka for great street food. The stalls change throughout the day from breakfast dishes, snacks, lunch fare, desserts and baked goods to dinner but you can also buy fresh fruit and veg here easily.

This vendor sells the infamous king of all fruits: Durian.

I had mentioned this before but now got a chance to photograph it properly: Pa-tong-goh, the Thai donuts in the recognisable shape of an 'X' made from wheat flour and yeast.

The Thai version of a continental breakfast: This lady toasts bread over a charcoal grill and then butters them. You can choose different spreads like pineapple, orange or strawberry marmelade/jam or just sugar and condensed milk. Bread just tastes so much better warmed over an open fire than at home in the electric toaster.

The little vanilla sponges look cute and come with different additions like raisins, cashews or seeds (pumpkin, sesame). The paper doily add a sweet touch to her homemade handmade treats.

I have mentioned my obsession with pandan before but I didn't get a chance to show this dessert in Malaysia (been too busy eating it, sorry) where they have a similar dessert. It's layered sticky coconut rice and pandan jelly and is refered to as lortchorng singapore so makes me believe it originates from outside of Thailand.

And another dish I grew fond of in Malaysia: Cendol. In Thailand you will find it under the name Lot chong nam kathi: pandan flavoured rice noodles in sweet coconut milk on lots of crushed ice and some santol slices.

At night the stalls change once again. You can get the usual pad thai, barbequed meat on sticks, noodle soups, curries with rice, poached quails eggs and even crispy crunchy insects. Fried scorpion, anyone?

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