Saturday, 7 May 2011


In Ao Nang we took a cooking class and managed to cook and eat ourselves silly. We tried our hands on a lot of classics: som tam, pad thai, tom yum, red and green curry, Penang curry and sweet and sour chicken with pineapple. For dessert we had sticky rice with mango and pumpkin cooked in coconut milk. Learnt a lot today.

Not much exciting to say about soda water but the packaging just looked so interesting that I had to show them.

Fried rice has become such a staple for us. This one is vegetarian with cashew nuts. For dessert we had a coconut rotee, what is basically a pancake. Yum!

And another type of pancake. These mini ones are filled and rolled in a cigar shape are delicious. They can either be filled with pandan (Bi Tua), vanilla or any kind of jam. The beginning of a long relationship. Me. Pancake. And pandan.

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